Bedroom Pillow Sizes

You can have the most beautiful pillows but if they are the wrong size it takes away from the overall look and in the end cheapens the design aesthetic of the space. Pillow combinations and placements are tricky but we are here to help! Below is a guide we have created to be your new go-to companion when choosing the correct pillow sizes for your bedroom pillows!

Pillow Placement  



For square pillow covers they look best if the inserts are the next size up. Example: 20x20 Cover = 22x22 Insert    24x24 Cover = 26x26 Insert

You do not need to do this for lumbars, 20x30 or 20x36 pillows. You will also want to make sure you pull the insert into each corner of your cover as you would a duvet. This will help your pillow not look floppy and more full.  



A common question I get is "What do I do with my sleeping pillows?" Be sure that your sleeping pillows do not clash or take away from the overall look of your decorative pillows. I always like to keep my sleeping pillow covers white and I lay them flat behind my decorative pillows. If its a queen bed, I have one sleeping pillow on each side, if it's a king I have two and have them stacked on top of each other. I also put the flaps facing the inside and hidden behind the decorative pillows instead of looking sloppy on the outside where it can be seen. See the example below. 

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