How to Pair the Perfect Pillow Collection

Customers email us daily asking to help coordinate pillows in their space. Owning a pillow shop you would think this should be a piece of cake- but let me tell you it has taken me almost 3 years to finally get the hang of this! Styling pillows is not easy friends, I will be the first to admit. But there are a few tips I can share to make it easier. 


There are several combinations I use but my go to is a small print, a solid, and a larger print. The larger pillow touching the couch, I always like to make that a color that will pop off the couch color. For example, I wouldn't use a pillow with the main color as white because it would blend with this white couch. This is why the larger floral print is in the front so that the other two pillows are the background for it. 

I like the solid pillow to be in the middle so help break up the patterns of the smaller and larger print. This pillow typically also is a pillow with texture. I love to use velvets, leathers, or linens as my solids. 

Another combination I love is when I pick one color and that color is accented somehow in each pillow. In the example below, I pulled the rust color from our Wildflower pillow, then I used our rust velvet, and then I pulled the rust from our Halet Pillow. These three pair very well and I love how the rust just pops in that velvet!

A popular combination I like to use in my own personal home is having colors that are monochromatic with various shades. Combinations of blue, grey and cream are always a favorite of mine!

Below are a few other combo options that we love! If you are afraid of patterns, step outside of your comfort zone... one thing I've learned since owning a pillow shop is that patterns can bring a space to life and add character. The antelope pillow is a fan favorite and pairs well with so many styles and colors! 

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