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Mix and Match Throw Pillows like a Pro!

How to mix and match throw pillows has to be one of the most common questions we are asked. I'll be honest, its taken me over three years of trial and error to finally feel confident in even writing this blog post. I am self taught, with no formal education in interior design... and if I can learn, I promise you can too!


Throw pillows are the best way to bring a room to life! There are endless possibilities when it comes to pattern, color and texture. Those three words are key!

Color: You will want to create a color palette and stick to them! I always try to use three colors. This is not a rule, just something I have come to find to be the best flow for my design style. 

Next, Texture! It is very important that you choose a variety of textures for your throw pillows as it will bring dimension to your space. I love pairing a tweed or weave throw pillow, a linen or hmong fabric and a heavy weight cotton material. These materials together are always my favorites and our top sellers!

Lastly, Pattern... I like to mix and match throw pillows in three different patterns. Each pattern always includes at least one of the colors in the color palette I am working in. To feel less busy, break up patterns with a solid or texture. I like to use textured pillows as this gives a "design" feel but without a true pattern.

Below my color palette was brown, black and cream. I have mixed in a semi solid tweed brown and black pillow in the back, a heavy weight neutral cotton canvas plaid and a black and cream hmong floral print fabric. In each pillow I have at least one if not two of the colors in my color palette.

I have 3 textures, and 3 patterns. The tweed pillow I would consider more of a texture but it also gives a stripe pattern as well.

Below are a few example of how to mix colors and patterns to create the perfect pillow combination! 



  • Base Throw Pillow = The pillow in the back that you will build your pillow combo from.

  • Darker Couch = Lighter “Base” pillow

  • Lighter Couch = Darker “Base” pillow

  • Color Palette: Choose a color palette of (3) colors as a starting point. You can also incorporate shades of that color as long as it stays in the color palette. Example: Dark Brown, medium brown, light brown etc.

  • Pattern Scale: When mixing patterns, make sure you mix smaller patterns with larger ones. This will make it easier on the eye and not so busy.

  • Texture: Mix in a variety of textures of fabrics, especially if you are using solid fabrics.

  • Size: Pillows should be different sizes, with the largest one in the back and getting smaller as you layer in.

  • Stripes: Always try to use stripes going in the same direction, all horizontal or all vertical. - This is more of a preference. I personally find it easier on the eye and less busy.  
sofa pillow combination