• Poly Pillow Insert
  • Poly Pillow Insert
  • Poly Pillow Insert

Poly Handmade Pillow Insert

Finally! Quality Pillow Inserts that are worthy of being stuffed into your beautiful pillow covers. Make your pillows stand out, this pillow is made to look great in your pillow covers!

Great Loft - We start by using high loft American made filler to give the pillow a full plump look that will last years! This is not a wimpy pillow you would find in a big box store

No lumps - We use a slick polyester fiber to keep the pillow's filler smooth. Unlike cheap pillows that use dry fibers that will quickly lump up and need replacing

Choose between our 2 Pillow Insert Types which include: Down Alternative and Poly Cotton pillow inserts. If you like the chop look, which is featured in our listing photos, you will want to choose the Down Alternative.

We have chosen to create the down alternative vs the down pillow because of its benefits- It holds is shape better, no pokey feathers, no dust when fluffing, and gives your pillow a more fluffy look with still being able to get that chopped look if you want. If you do not want the chopped look this is a great pillow for a more full look! 

The Polycotton insert is a great insert option as well, we added this option for a more budget friendly insert. This does not give you the chop effect but holds its shape and looks great!

You can find the description below. 

•Machine Washable
•100% pure polyester fiberfill filling
•No Lumps
•More Firm than Down
•Does not "chop" 

The Shipping Form may possibly be Compressed depending upon Size. Once They are Unpacked and Fluffed, the Air will Plump them Back Up to Their Original Size.

Single-Sided: Style of fabric on front with a solid white backing
Double-Sided: Style of fabric on the front and back side