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Wild Flora Linen Spray

Elevate your bedding and throw pillows with our luxury linen + room spray. 

Indulge in our bestseller, "Wild Flora", a harmonious composition of peony, rose, vetiver, labdanum, and vanilla notes. It is the perfect balance of floral accents, delivering a subtle yet enchanting fragrance that won't overpower.  A top choice for those who appreciate a light and invigorating blend.

SCENT NOTES: Peony, Rose, Vetiver, Labdanum and Vanilla. 

The Wild Flora Linen Spray comes in a 4 oz. glass bottle, which is not only reusable but also serves as a sophisticated statement piece.

To apply, shake well and evenly spray onto desired bedding, throw pillows, or selected areas within your space. It is recommended to spot-test the fabric beforehand as each fabric type may have varying reactions.


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